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Even the most experienced business attorney may be unfamiliar with the dental industry’s legal standards and conventions.  An inexperienced attorney can slow down the dental practice acquisition and expose you to unnecessary liability after the purchase. Danielle Damore, Esquire worked as an administrative assistant at a dental practice for years prior to becoming an attorney and comes from a family of dentists. Her Dental, Business and Real Estate background allow her to provide state of the art representation to her dental clients. Her services include: 

  • Drafting the initial letter of intent and drafting and reviewing the Asset Purchase Agreement: The Asset Purchase Agreement governs all aspects of the practice purchase and can affect the prosperity of the practice and success of the sale for both sides, for years to come. Various items we focus on when drafting Asset Purchase Agreements include:

  • Covenants- includes covenant not to compete, covenant not to solicit patients, covenant not to solicit employees, covenant not to treat, covenant not to derive income, and covenant not to solicit referral sources

  • Seller Representations and Warranties- ensure the practice is conveyed free and clear of liens and obligations, the Seller is in compliance with all laws, the Seller does not have any claims or investigations against him/her, and patient records are maintained in compliance with professional standards

  • Buyer Representations and Warranties: Buyer has the requisite license to operate the practice, Buyer is in good standing with the state dental board, and Buyer does not have any claims against her

  • Accounts receivables

  • Credits and Refunds

  • Retreatment 

We also handle:

  • Setting up the professional corporations, LLC’s or partnerships needed to purchase a dental practice including drafting bylaws and operating agreements.

  • Drafting the contracts needed to purchase a corporation, LLC or partnership from another dentist.

  • Various types of Associate Agreements including Covenants Not to Compete

  • Dental Office Lease Agreements and Agreements of Sale to purchase real estate, as well as Deeds.

  • Office Handbooks and Manuals

  • A Last Will and Testament that the practitioner will need now that they own a substantial amount of assets.

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